Axis of Coordinates of World Spirit

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Our trial to world spirit is making our result emerge
on an axis of coordinates being relation between us.

On this axis of coordinates,
we can exchange a mutual result
and can still more newly fruit the fruits "hope"
in the inside of our mind.

Moreover, we can also achieve a neighbor the hope.

We are each a master, a volunteer and a brother
while the result of the activity to world spirit
is obtained to each.

This axis of coordinates can be treated freely for anyone,
and so, we do not have a difference of wealth and poverty.

We can understand the method of the activity
of a partner mutually.
Since we ourselves have served world spirit.

We have one common language used.
"Our fight has been a victory."

Glass Bead Game player
Kyo Nissho.

8th December, 2011

Axis of Coordinates of World Spirit (2)

We learn a lot
about the technique which ourselves uses.
And whenever we repeat experience,
we become to love our life and technique.

Literary, scientific, and esthetic various techniques
exist in this world.

We become to feel and think
about a universal idea through technique presently.
Because, sincere use of technique let us enlighten us
to compare our living and existence of the world.

When we feel and think people's technique of the world
using Internet,
and if the use of the people's technique is a sincere
which is connected with a universal idea,
far of our time, spatial, and synbol distance
makes actual the effect
which extends the possibility of our technique.

far of the time, spatial, and symbol distance
becomes a message from the universality
which we have felt and thought through use
of our sincere technique.

The axis of coordinates of world spirit.

Our door is already opened.

Glass Bead Game player
Kyo Nissho.

Axis of Coordinates of World Spirit (3)

As far as I know,
the idea "world spirit" is the last concept of Hermann Hesse.

Hesse has not described this "world spiritl" in detail with books.

"Glass Bead Game" was the concept before "world spirit".
Hesse realized this concept as a novel over 11 years.

Supposing "world spirit" becomes more realistic
and what is felt by many people in,
the "world spirit" must be what can clarify
a transmissive possibility more.

I think
one of the way is multiplication with "a universal idea and technique"
and "time, space and a symbol" outcome from Internet
as described by me previously.

On the other hand,
I am now going to tackle how the concept can be considered
with you.

I also think interested people as many.
Since it seems that the "tone" of world spirit
and the present pain are related.

Glass Gead Game player
Kyo Nissho.

9th December, 2011

I'm thinking about world spirit of Hermann Hesse.

With the state (the method of behavior and activity)
of those who appear in technique,
feelings, such as sincerity, are transmitted
in a human capacity for sympathy,
and internationalization of the opportunity
of interchange by the Internet,

the "world spirit" which Hermann Hesse
had though obscureforeseen
has already become what is touched by anyone.

there may be a method of touching world spirit
also except the combination
of the interchange opportunity (with network),
technique and feelings,
(progress accelerates since the idea checked once)

and about the concept of world spirit,
many people do not like automation by patent etc.

On the other hand,
world spirit should be felt such a thing
which people think
that they would like to see themselves
and the opportunity of interchange, technique and feelings
in expansion and extension of their own possibility in.

Since it comes out,
world soul is recognition with the universal thing
which is not completed in the form of a definition,
even if existence is understood.

And if world spirit differs also in the style of a figure
by every person who expresses,
however if things for soul are fully verified,
things will be understood to be a common theme (world spirit).

Therefore, the appearing is spontaneous in an individual,
and is not liked that the lead is rather taken by power.

It is felt as a possibility by me
that the world can be seen change with joy of every person's trial
for the people who participate, now.

If this idea of Hesse is going by ourself towards the world
and becoming new blessing,
so I think and pray, for Christmas and a new year.

(10th December, 2011.)

about the conditions which we respond to world spirit and work on world spirit.

I considered carefully about the conditions
which we respond to world spirit and work on world spirit.

(1) The person has systematic and consistent skill.
(2) The person can adjust the state of the mind
so that a capacity for sympathy may appear.
(3) The person can work in the range on the world
using the Internet etc.

When these conditions are ready,
the action "axis of coordinates of world spirit"
which is a conveyance medium and be an liberty form

"World spirit" is the universal idea
which Hermann Hesse advocated.

(12th December, 2011.)

A prayer changes the mind into the medium which responds to positive thinking.

Drunkenness by alcohol was quick,
when I lay on the bed about 10 o'clock at last night,
I slept soon, and I awoke about 1:30 a.m.

The pattern after a long time.

the feeling of the anger usually suppressed happened.

I felt that the hope etc. which were in my mind collapsed.

I noticed at the moment.

A prayer changes the mind into the medium
which responds to various positive thinking.

In order to imagine distant people's look
especially on the Internet etc.,
we need the state of our mind like a prayer is required.

Anger and uneasiness shut hope.
If hope is shut, familiar things will be emphasized
to the mind and will produce the interception wall
about a distant occurrence to the mind.

When the truth is universal and eternal,
if our mind is intercepted by a familiar thing,
we step away from the truth naturally.

We can imagine riding on a bicycle.
if we ride on a bicycle looking the pedal
under our foot long time,
then we can understand immediately
that the things are becoming very dangerous.

Anger and uneasiness will replace the truth with danger.

(12th December, 2011.)

Ordinary Speed and Changing Speed

The ordinary speed means self-control for causal relationship.
This technique is effective especially when the world has missed causal relationship.
As essence, self-control in confusion means acceleration.

Changing speed means a technique for capturing the others.
This technique is effective especially when causal relationship is stable.
As essence, the round in stability means oblivion.

Ordinary Speed and Changing Speed (2)

Competition asks people for acceleration.

Competition may divide people's heart sometimes.
Moreover, competition may be made to seem to have divided the spirit of culture sometimes.

On the other hand, supposing things that are seen in society are divided,
also when things return to essence, acceleration will arise.

Acceleration of returning.

Of course, regaining essence is not repeating still now things that existed a long time ago.

(13th December, 2011.)

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