One Thought

The art of the reason domain in which human creates beauty with using possibility has become possible.
It is birth of new domain of beauty.

Since the efficiency of intellectual property creation is raised by treating the possibility based on beauty, it is also called magic with a seed from the impression of the effect of intellectual property.

Human's nobility is felt by making a possibility of existing in nature and this world of appearing at the released heart free because of impression, because responding with use the method of the diagramm which frees abduction to an aesthetic center.

It is neither the level of the possibility nor the science or religion.

Based on the foreknowledge-capability with which people are endowed, people can respond to change in the world.

By utilizing the given individuality and accidental etc., people respond to change by their change.
Priority is given to that the whole capability owned now is aware over making specific capability into the maximum if the world and oneself are considered to be one.

Rediscovering oneself and nature leads to return to nature and reproduction of humanity.
The method of harmonizing to a natural change is linked to making the influence to nature based on change of people.
Priority can be given to natural existence or self existence at this time.
But, selection of to give priority between nature existence and self existence cannot be performed freely completely.
We stray in the confusion produced by ourselves, governing nature.

The method of harmonizing in nature is considered to be one method that people accept to get freedom.
If it becomes clear that a subjective demand by oneself could be satisfied with sufficiency of other subjective demands which agree automatically, the subjectivity which is under a demand is accepted not only experientially.

It means to ask for the way to be free about the harmony produced automatically clarifying the role of subjectivity.

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Art of Reason

The art of the reason domain is the art which accomplishes the possibility by the diagram according to a universal context, and treats the possibility.

Objective necessity is realized by providing the particular domain.
For the art of the reason over a domain, objective necessity is not suitable.

Therefore, purposiveness must be formed a possibility by subjective validity.

(Feb.28 2004 translated)


Glass Bead Game

Experimentally work

To the Art for Freedom

Utilization of Abduction

We use synthesis as one of the methods for this thought.

For considering synthesis we need to arrange abduction.

Now I explain abduction.

1. Introduction

In order to arrange a whole image about the art of the reason which we treat abduction which is one of the methods of thinking like a musical instrument in, therefor treat the possibility like sound, some points must be described.

2. Method of Thinking

Deduction, induction, and abduction are the methods of the thinking proposed by Aristotle.
And Abduction did not develop as a general method.
There is no suitable Japanese translation for Abduction.

When we evaluate matching-rule-character, we understand this two points easily.
-Deduction is based on regulation-judgment.
-Induction is based on reflection-judgment.
This two attribute seem to having opposite character and compensating each other.
From this, we receive the impression which the idea of Aristotle's abduction is the mistake as no validity of.

But, when we think matching-purpose-character thogether combining matching-rule-character, it becomes clear that deduction, induction, and abduction are the method of thinking which leads an original domain each, and have the relation of compensating each other.

In Deduction, we gain explanation from universality by matching-rule-character, and lead to thinking. This is the method of thinking suitable possible of rationalism and scientism.
In Induction, we gain assumption from things by matching-purpose-character, and lead to a rule. This is the method of thinking suitable possible of utilitarianism and an industrialiasm.
In Abduction, we gain things from a work by mutching-purpose-character, and leads to the hypothesis. This is the method of thinking suitable possible of a humanism and a revolutionism.


Abduction's procedure is started bringing matching-purpose-character to the object of thinking.
Therefore, Abduction is wide opened as a method in the situation which the object of the thinking which matching-purpose-character is applied by art in is brought.
And, thinking by imagination capability is materialized as reflection in the situation which rule is used in terms of reflection.
A rule is the form of the thinking applied to the phenomenon.
We don't need to wait for Walter Benjamin, in order to know clear the form of thinking can shift to the form of other thinking based on reflection-judgment.
From this point, it becomes clear that the result of deduction can be used for abduction in Schein.

When we see water disappear, we infer the state changed from heating. This is an example of induction.
If heat is taken for this proof, returning to water (steam origin) will be checked.
On the other hand, if the flowing water of a river is seen noting that the state of a substance changes, the water of a river will reach the sea, will evaporate, and will flow back by the atmosphere, will become to rain, and will return to the river.
Applying the regularity of change of a substance to the water of a river, relating the atmosphere, we prepare possible of the regularity of the flowing back of water on the earth.
When performing Abduction, catching by the analogy of a rule for arbitrary objects, we can relate with other objects by the capability of matching-purpose-character.
At this time, reflection-judgment is applied to the form of the thinking materialized in the inside of the rule towards the first object, and the form of the new thinking for a new object is prepared.
It is subjective that a rule can actually be shown, because of based on imagination capability.

Abduction is inherent in induction and utilized.
In art, abduction has been mainly utilized in the subjective side.
And independent consideration was not fully carried out.
But, when taking the appraisal method about matching-purpose-character, profits arise to be considered independently.

(Dec.26 2002 translated)

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