Introduction of Synthesis

New abduction is made and the procedure of the diagram which finds out the possibility based on harmony is called synthesis.
Realization of a situation to which people work in reality using the possibility.
By the method of synthesis, developing abduction which Aristotle already advocated, and receiving, we can appear thinking of an unpioneered domain.

There is meaningful and value in hitting light to one of the capability of abduction which man originally has.

It doesn't mean the thing of superhuman, but to light the capabilities which we have primary.
People can also change infinitely in the world which is changing infinitely, accepting with more large way of thinking own now personality or surrounding as it is.
One can change the meanings of the influence or the circumstances both which have been given through the changing in oneself.
The life which one is feeling the private reason of existence in the world.

The life which one is feeling the private reason of existence in the world,dreaming the miracle, trying the possibility repeatedly, which mean a longing for a person who is living in the universal one.

This is also feeling oneself. While comparing with human's nobility.

Using aesthetic character, it is ambiguous, and is weak, however is used for appearing the possibility by expression.

(Feb.28 2004 translated)

Art by Synthesis

We start in synthesis with the gotten parts in the fact, and represents the unaware purpose with the povisional decision.

Synthesis is the technique to be connected with nature of purpose, and gets the result which has subjective validity.

If we can get an unaware purpose, we become we can represent possibility of the things.

Synthesis is done normally.

Synthesis is the way for this new art, because nature of purpose has been approved in the results of synthesis.
In fact, art is natural synthesis.

Because reason is done by reason as ability, art through reason is art of reason as ability.

Reason is represented through the free provisional decision in art of synthesis.

(Oct.2 2001 translated)


The example of synthesis
of underdeveloped time

The First Stage


The Second Stage

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