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Since the first scheme method
of the Glass Bead Game was created,
I thought that the "magic symbol"
which is a developed type of the scheme method
currently told in the Glass Bead Game of the novel
of Hermann Hesse was produced
among people who appreciate with those who play.

On the other hand,
although the "world spirit"which is another concept of Hesse
has been realized potentially with the advent of the Internet.

For this reason,
by replacing a part of the first scheme method
with world spirit showed
that the first scheme method changes to a magic symbol.

I quote part of explanation of the world spirit
yesterday's small work and my web-site in order.

[Quotation of my small work]

Title: Potential Domain, Interaction of a Phenomenon, and People's Greatness.


Purpose: Reversal:
Let a changed part of the potential domain
about possibility interaction in other phenomena.

Method: Power:
An understanding of universality opens the door
of influence to a potential domain.

Reason: Mother Nature:
A motive happens from consciousness of own greatness.

[Text (a part)]

Contents of a portion [] mean the potential
of the scheme method of Glass Bead Game
of the column of this blog

Contents without [] is the description itself
of the scheme method of Glass Bead Game.

Contents of () are the names of essence
of the scheme method of Glass Bead Game.

[Potential resonance] => (function):
To show the example of change of other culture
by myth or depths conciousness.

(Principle): eternal and universality
=> [Self-existence]

=> To clarifying the soul of people to be reflected
in a phenomenon.


[Quotation about the world spirit from my web-site]

We learn a lot
about the technique which ourselves uses.
And whenever we repeat experience,
we become to love our life and technique.

Literary, scientific, and esthetic various techniques
exist in this world.

We become to feel and think
about a universal idea through technique presently.
Because, sincere use of technique let us enlighten us
to compare our living and existence of the world.

When we feel and think people's technique of the world
using Internet,
and if the use of the people's technique is a sincere
which is connected with a universal idea,
far of our time, spatial, and symbol distance
makes actual the effect
which extends the possibility of our technique.

far of the time, spatial, and symbol distance
becomes a message from the universality
which we have felt and thought through use
of our sincere technique.

The axis of coordinates of world spirit.

Our door is already opened.

(9th December, 2011.)

I considered carefully about the conditions
which we respond to world spirit and work on world spirit.

(1) The person has systematic and consistent skill.
(2) The person can adjust the state of the mind
so that a capacity for sympathy may appear.
(3) The person can work in the range on the world
using the Internet etc.

When these conditions are ready,
the action "axis of coordinates of world spirit"
which is a conveyance medium and be an liberty form

"World spirit" is the universal idea
which Hermann Hesse advocated.

(12th December, 2011.)


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