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The uneven distribution is the loss of nature. Fixation is oblivion of the origin. The truth is omnipresent to all different concreteness.
Ruin, harmony, and the birth are the results of the change that shares the origin.
When the possibility is shown, the existence of individuality means the world. We are the existence.

I was expressing the scheme method as the diagram method until 14th Nov. 2014.

This site has been written by Glass Bead Game player Nobukatsu "Kyo" Nissho.

"the Glass Bead Game"

The Glass Bead Game is one of the Art of Reason.
The concept was written with the novel of Hermann Hesse.
I created the scheme method.

"World Spirit"

World Spirit is Cloud of the spirits by three actual existence,
technique (systematic one), individuality (as activity method),
and information (Internet).

"Magic Symbol"

Magic Symbol is a developed type of a scheme method.
A part of scheme method is generated by replacing by world spirit.

"Japanese characteristic"

Generally, Japanese feels reason what appears
and changes naturally with things,
and unifies himself for the sublimation of things,
through these, gets comprehension with the harmony
of the creation.

A natural language is insufficient to fix Japanese mind to the idea,
because Japanese gets a method with oneself by the reason
of creation what appears and changes.

Japanese feels character with not in only the plant and the natural
phenomenon but in the material as well,
and appreciates one being the benefit of the existence,
and makes service the fundamental way of the method with himself.

Japanese joys the harmony what is brought to the creation
with these.

Guidance of the Glass Bead Game

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