To the ability persons of the time.
The Method and Reality of the Glass Bead Game.

Realization of the transcendence by using human's various activities capability together
that activities of the transcendental concept (universal idea) are enabled independently.

It is also the reality of Aristotle's Abduction.
Moreover, it is also the reality of nature of purpose.

Transcendence gets to be experienced more highly.
It is reflected to people or the world.

I introduce the first scheme method of the Glass Bead Game
to which Hermann Hesse wrote the concept of the art of reason as fictitious art in the Nobel Prize work,
and the developed type.

There is a difference in how to appear for every person.

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When my name is written, I can help the person.
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"The principle of the Glass Bead Game."

1. Intuition because of existing.

The human being is a phenomenon and
the phenomena arise with universality.
The human being intuits by own universality existing.
Brain is the internal organs
reproducing the phenomenal world.
The brain intuits the phenomenal world
using reproduction of the human being's own universality.

2. The reaction system to the principles.

Universality exists in the phenomenal world consistently.
Because the consistent universality can be found out
in the human being's activity,
the human being can be found out as a reaction system
to universality.
Therefore, though indefinite, the human being makes
the premise of the principles.

3. Interaction with World Spirit.

By the emergence of the Internet,
it has arisen that is spirit regarded as a phenomenon
in human beings,
and that is a phenomenon regarded as spirit
in a digital phenomenon.
The effect of the reality is expanded.

(On 30th Oct., 2015, 3 has been updated.

"Aspect of practice of human being."

The human being considers
that work of the phenomenal world is
that various force arises.
the human being has practical workability
about the force arising.

by being aware of the practical workability,
the human being can be active so that various change
may be transcended.

The practical workability which has been aware of
is the phenomenon world as nature of the formation
of experience.

I classify the force or practical workability
into following seven.

viewpoint, foreseeing, awakening, precedence, occurrence,
development, and flux.

(13th Oct., 2015)

"The Glass Bead Game as manifesting of updating of the world."

The Glass Bead Game is the art of the reason domain.

The scheme method also manifests the correlation
in a reason concept (transcendental concept) and
the phenomenon world.
A certain individual's ability also arises in somewhere
in the scheme method.

Therefore, in use of the scheme method,
the relation of renewal of the world on the basis of
an individual
and activity with which people complement mutually arises
in the reason concept which works
so that the world may always be updated.

(21th Oct., 2015)

(15th May, 2011)

(5th October, 2011 written in Japanese. 6th October 2011 translated.)

"Use of the glass beads"

By the first scheme method of the Glass Bead Game,
universality is practiced as use of nature of purpose in each item
for the symbols, a principles, and existence.

The nature of practice of this universality
connects three sets of the first scheme method.

By the transcendence obtained by practice of the symbols,
the principles, and existence,
the border of practical use of various cultural property disappears.

This transcendence manifests links to each scheme.
It is because composition is shown
in each scheme and the objectivity in shift of composition
from a composition is reflected to the nature by practice.

Each scheme is assigned to the glass beads of various colors
in use of the glass beads.
Although the definition is free, since it is general,
red, green, and blue have been used in my sites.

At the same time, the glass bead the form of phenomena,
such as time and space, is used independently.
The light-blue glass bead has been used in my sites.

Furthermore, the glass bead which means change independently
about the form of a phenomenon is used at the same time.
The yellow glass bead has been used in my sites.

The big glass bead has been used as each actual existence,
and the small glass bead has been used as each factor.

As expression of causality of each glass bead, as used generally,
the form of the axis of coordinates and the clockwise rotation
have been used with composing.

September 17, 2016.

The human being tries to get a fundamental solution
in the phenomenon world which gets confused indistinctly.
Generally it is called "finding out" and "awakening."

An individual's "finding out" and "awakening" is useful
for the updating of the human being's world
which is in the phenomena.

Since the individual's actual existence is proper
as the very individual,
the fact of the updating is inseparable
from the individual.
Though that is right,
the relation which an individual and an individual
use mutual efficiently the possibilities of being proper
are obtained actually.

Originally the Glass Bead Game was art
which manifests a reason concept with a possibility group
and handles it.
the relation of the scheme method and phenomenon world
manifests the concrete process
in which individual originality and creativity
are reflected to collective development.

"Your actual existence is a updating of the world
which is hard to invade."

The scheme method has told that.

(21th Oct., 2015)

"About activity of a transcendental concept."

Diversity, consistency, and generality.
These three opposite nature is realized
with the transcendental concept.

For example, diversity, consistency,
and generality exist in the transcendental concept of "free"
at the same time.

The inner system and the outer system cross
and are realized diversity, consistency, and generality
of the transcendental concept.

There is flexibility in this inner system
and this outer system, and it is chosen accordingly.

The transcendental concept is the innate capability
of human.

If a transcendental concept is performed effectively,
transcendence will appear.

There are the following four typical activities
by the inner system and the outer system,
except the state where spirit and a phenomenon
are balanced and are mutually related.

The stage which spirit is not ready for a reaction yet
although the reaction of the inner system shows
that the outer system has reacted to a new phenomenon.

The stage which has not been realized yet as a phenomenon
although the reaction of an outer system shows
that the inner system has reacted to new spirit.

The stage which the inner system is developed or updated
about the outer system which should react to an unknown phenomenon
when spirit is active voluntarily or meditatively.

The stage which the outer system is developed or updated
by tackling the phenomenon inquiring or creatively
about the inner system which should react to unknown spirit.

These are not an imperfect stage but active stages.

Spirit reflects a phenomenon. A phenomenon reflects spirit.
Both spirit and a phenomenon are dynamic and have diversity,
consistency, and generality.

Therefore, the inner system and the outer system
are also dynamic and respond to diversity, consistency,
and generality.

(21th May, 2013)

"The world with the Internet."

By the appearance of the Internet,
the possible phenomenon as a dynamic outside spirit,
and spirit as a inside phenomenon was realized.

In addition,
human's domain of the activity is extended with four elements
of the spirit in human's inside and the phenomenon which is outside.

(5th March, 2013. Reproduction)

"Description about the dynamic idea. "

The transcendental concept is also the dynamic universal idea.

Below, the dynamic universal idea, the inner system, and the outer system are explained.
The dynamic universal idea receives the beneficence of modeling and realization in this procedure.

A dynamic universal idea may become a model of activity.
Moreover, a dynamic universal idea is used also for feedback
of activity.
The following things should be observed.
When these two are combined,
it is that modeling and the realization
about two outer systems happen.

"the commentary about the schema method"

Although the meaning which the scheme method of the Glass Bead Game can show
and should be gotten through the experience using the scheme method
and learned about the scheme method,
I want to add some commentaries for the person who touches the Glass Bead Game for the first time
as "the lead of the understanding" with scheduling a serial.

"the first time"

I want to mention
that the each set of the three sets separated in the scheme method
must be conscious for the novel "Glass Bead Game".

The first set aims at spirit which has elevated about the cultural property
and moreover at deriving the creation of the Glass Bead Game with the elevated spirit.
I got the clue of the creation of the scheme method mainly from books of the Occident.

The second set of the creation of the scheme method had gotten from the technique
seen in the Orient about the activities for the principles
as the world of the own inside corresponding to the outside world which can exist as nature.

For the third set of the creation of the scheme method,
the clue had gotten from the celebration seen variously in the world
which is about human noble who stands up toward the reality
and about that the nobility has a fruit.

(12th September, 2011 written with Japanese. on the next day, translated.)

"the second time"

The spirit which is inside,
and the nature and civilization which are outside,
influence mutually.
The transcendental concept tends to synthesize these
from the spirit side.

We can respond to the transcendental concept
with realization of function, trial, mercy, etc.
By nature of nature of purpose
which human being has.

The first scheme method is for handling the transcendental concepts
as a thing outside of human being.
If it becomes skillful, the transcendental concepts get to preceding realization
of a function, trial, mercy, etc.

By these,
the structure of nature of purpose can be drawn out
from the transcendental concepts,
and realization of a function, trial, mercy etc.
can be exerted to the phenomenal world.

That is, work of a transcendental concept can be exerted
to the phenomenal world.

The transcendental concept which was an inner system
works in an outer system.
Moreover, the phenomenon which is an outer system
is reflected to the inner system with nature of purpose.

This crossing is identified by modeling and the phenomenon making
with nature of purpose.

1st April, 2013

"the third time"

Not the transcendental concept in thinking
but the transcendental concept with an effect became real.

With realization of the Glass Bead Game.

Universality activates existence of human being more.
An opportunity to change unknown to known is found out.
The crossing of an inner system and an outer system starts.
World spirit manifests an effect more greatly.
It begins that the capability which had slept appears.

Although there is a difference how to appear for each person.

27th April, 2013.

"the fourth time"

I would like to explain the actuality
of the first scheme method.

The upper right is the item of substance.
The lower left is the item of regularity or probability,
such as a law.
The upper left and the lower right are the items
that the beginning of nature of purpose appears.

The Glass Bead Game is experienced
by use of the scheme method.
Each item has meaning as the background.

Blog etc. are expressions by the general method
of the experience.

24th April, 2014.

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