The outline of "the Glass Bead Game".

I explain about the definition of the Glass Bead Game, the background of the possibility, the requirement for art and the guidance of the method.

1.The definition of the Glass Bead Game.

The Glass Bead Game is the art of reason to do by using all the cultural property.
This art is proposed by Hermann Hesse in the novel "das Glasperlenspiel".

We can get a sense with the universal reason through the general way of using all cultural property.

The pleasure of the beauty happens to us through the sense with universal reasons which handle the things in the world.

The result which is possible for the human being is guided to the means in us, and we are liberated with this means from the habit-like activities.

A human miracle is experienced by this means.

2.The background of the possibility

The general method which all cultural property is consisted not by objective necessity, but by subjective validity.

Objective necessity appears in the reason of things objectively, and subjective validity appears in the reason of things subjectively.

Possibility is the ability of the human being used in the subjective validity.

The human being can handle the cause of things subjectively using a possibility.

The human being can get the form of thinking from all the cultural property, and can use the form for showing possibility.

The human being can find the possibility which relates to other possibilities.

At this time, the same reason is presumed subjectively in more than one possibility.

The same reason as for the possibility can be premised in the cultural property which a possibility and in other cultural property which other possibilities can be shown in.

3.The qualification as the art

A pleasure is born in the art, through a reason which oneself becomes a transcendence-like position with is found, during in the process which reaches other expressions from a certain expression.

The nature which corresponds to a purpose is made up in the other expressions when oneself is active for the expression as the purpose and other expressions is found in the relation.

The nature which corresponds to a purpose is the ability which human has, and art can exist by this ability of the nature which corresponds to a purpose.

Generally, a human being can exert the nature which corresponds to a purpose on the object.

When a purpose is concluded, a reason is done as to the premise.

A pleasure by the art can exist with the ability of the human being who can find a purpose premising a reason to vary to oneself.

As for the phenomenon, a reason is a cause.

The object of the art of the reason is a cause itself.

4.The Guide of the method

The possibility (It is assumed possibility a) is invented by using a certain
cultural property.

This cause can be considered to be a cause with high universality (It is assumed cause A) when there are two or more possibilities with the same cause as possibility a.

The act, which cause B is universal in the assumption with, is correct, when other possibilities of satisfying cause B are found, cause B with high beforehand universality is assumption in a certain possibility b, and in verifying all cultural properties.

It can be felt that a high-priority cause is in comprising cause A and cause B, when you were able to confirm cause B is correct, the cause B related to cause A beforehand in case of assumption, finding cause A when possibility a has been found.

Cause ABCD will be considered to have manifested a high-priority cause in the future.

The possibility to show cause A enough will be called universal possibility A.

The possibility to show cause B enough similarly will be called universal possibility B.

A universal possibility will be treated with the glass gem.

You may use a universal possibility how many.

Moreover, you may freely relate a universal possibility mutually.

The reality demanded by showing a universal possibility is confirmed by finding a cultural property that shows the possibility.

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