The Glass Bead Game using globe method and glass bead.

I realized the Glass Bead Game initial method that Hermann Hesse had imagined to the novel.

An artist can open the door of subconsciousness,
and relates the origin of the world influence with the things
which happen in the world, and create a prophesied work.

The method which shows a cause by the beauty is demanded in the Glass Bead Game
to handle a cause freely,
restructuring and demolishing the relations of existing in subconsciousness.
Critically thinking about reflected judgment
and person's ability used for the Glass Bead Game is achieved trying whether
to cause pleasure that transcendence feeling becomes possible
by harmony to which suitability is approved, liberating the subconsciousness.

You can show the possibility
feeling the cause of the cause while using a cultural property.

I explain the initial Glass Bead Game
that Hermann Hesse advocated in the novel by the example.
At first, the globe is prepared. That is enough by graphic.

Next, please put the two or more colors glass bead on the globe.
And, referring to a cultural property,
please number and record your favorite ideas in each glass bead.
Even only the number is enough
though that is showed with a transparent glass bead in figure.
Please make the idea which any one is acceptable
applied to each glass bead the one related to each other.
Those are acceptable nature low or music or everything.

My conception in this time.

Blue glass bead

Red glass bead

Please let each glass bead be "Something"
that is the origin of two or more relating conceptions.
You don't need to name this "Something".

Next, the glass beads must be replaced by you.
In this explanation, I replace a red glass bead with a blue glass bead.
This time, about the group of red "idea",
instead of "Something" shown with a red glass bead that was the origin of the conception,
"Something" shown with a blue glass bead will be used as an origin of the idea.

There will be a suitable one or not suitable one for a blue glass bead
in the numbered ideas with "Something" shown with a red glass bead.
You can leave the suitable one.
And you can add the new idea to a blue bead.
At this time, "Idea" reacts to the origin of the world
about the idea understood with the red bead,
because "Wall" that exists in the subconsciousness is destroyed.
You can give a new position to the changed red glass bead.
You can put it where you want.
You cna put the yellow glass bead on the place with the blue glass bead,
And you can replace the ideas to new something
just like the time of a red glass bead.
Each one is the step which the subconsciousness is liberated in.

My ideas at this time.

Yellow glass bead.

Blue glass bead.

Red glass bead.

You can answer the following question
(I call it "Question on making to the phenomenon" since now),
during such a series of work, or at the end.

"Why did you feel it ?
How is it related ?"

The preparation that the liberated subconsciousness appears
in the phenomenal world is performed by answering this question.

My answer at this time.

Why did you feel it ?:
Because I want and become an example, and want to live in people.

How is it related ?:
Because there was "Utopia" in the search result in the word "Ideal Wikipedia".
It relates to this.

You may use the glass beads how many.
You may arrange the glass bead where.
You may change every glass bead with other glass bead.
You may do it with how many people.
But it is good when doing while alternately putting the glass bead,
in small group of several person.

Your and participant's subconsciousness will be emancipated,
will react to the origin where the world arises,
will be feeling the cause freely,
all of you in the group will come to treat two or more possibilities,
and might feel the fate felt at times.

Please do not violate other people's copyrights etc.

This method is materialization of essence of the Glass Bead Game to play.
You can verify what the theory of the glass bead game is in this method.

This article doesn't only introduce knowledge.
Please use the introduction information and method by your own responsibility.

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