The method of the diagram

We can receive the world in logic, also by harmony.
This is expectation in which we form the method so that the human's capability of beauty can be applied to the larger domain in the world.

It is not driven out by the situation of the world but there are profits that an intention is left freely in aesthetic activity.

Feeling as if all the possibilities were possible, and imaginative power may be replaced to influence, in the method and deployment in human character.
We are trying the reality of this thought, "the undisguised world and an undisguised human are accepted obediently".

Although expression of the strangeness or the known purpose accompanied by at least one possible basis expresses the possibility,a brief the method of the diagram assumes a universal possibility of using the shown special possibility as a portion, according to tradition, transposed to a glass bead or a magic sign, we treats this glass or sign , and make harmonizes.

With this method of the diagram, we can reobserve the existing cultural property in the peculiarity of the possibility, redescribe in the universality of a possibility, and make an expression ob the beauty.
This is already introduced briefly in the glass bead game of Hermann Hesse.

In practice, while using a way of thinking, we develop the glass beads so that a purpose can be appeared by the capability of harmony, and a basis can be appeared by the capability of special inference, according to a universal context.
A universal context is a source of all expression which every earnest artist experiences.
Glass bead must be suitable the expression method when appearing the possibility newly, considered as developing harmony so that a possibility of already being shown, and correlation may be checked.
When the new possibility is expressed by the capability of harmony and imagination, then if correlation is accepted between possibilities of already being shown, the same glass bead is applied, and one feels oneself in things by possibilities of appearing by treating two or more glass beads.

Please take care so that the idea of the cultural property is called up on the intersection of appearance of expression and the way of thinking by using whole possibility so that the ideas of a free reason may appear by whole possibility of having been treated.

The fruits by transposing the universality appeared to cultural property to the possibility fruit vastly.
Please imagine. I also introduce later on.

To intellectual property creation, it is the advantage that the possibility emerge more freely by cooperation of many various people of sensitivity or a field.

This means is realized when the Internet is adopted as a mechanism.
However, the substance is not in the Internet.

(Mar.19, 2004 transrated)

About an old trial

The whole surface of the method of the diagramm vibrates so that a universal context and each phenomenon may be used mutually.
Although the "context" was in thinking in front of the "text" which is what is expressed, the experiment with possible context materialized in any texts, i.e., a "universal context", was "art of (for) freedom."
Gratitude and respect are held in people which participated.

About each phenomenon, I will carry out introduction of the KN method as an example of how to be treated.

(Feb.28, 2004 transrated)


Operation about the Human Being who is a Phenomenon

Natural Mind

Real and Unreal

The Method or Mechanism of one Mesmerism

The Reason of the Artist can use Possibility.

The Reason which the Art for Freedom is formed by.

The KN method

The KN method is the way of thinking, in which an attribute is applied to the draft proposal of the way of thinking etc., ideas for an attribute are considered as a set and two or more sets are developed on a matrix, recaught with the attribute used from the beginning again.
It can use as an elementary method of the diagramm.

Although anythings are splendid for an attribute, it is effective to make it the item of "the purpose, a method, and a reason"?

(Feb.28, 2004 transrated)

The method for the art for freedom

In the art for freedom may people express with possibility a unknown purpose which the people is grasping.

The art for freedom is the art which people handle possibilities using imaginative power in.

By some persons,this art are performed.

1. Prepare a "theme" in the free way of thinking.
2. Opt for "a rule" which materializes a theme.
3. Search the "technique" relevanting to the theme and the rule.
4. Obtain actual "portion" in the world which came into the mind.
5. Explain other participants' "actual portion" to each other.

1-4 are repeated.

A participant announces 1-3 in order, and a participant records 4 for oneselves, respectively.

When all participants think these are good, then progress to 5, explain the "portion" which other participants made by their individuality and special ability, and a speciality.
And return to 1 again.

The result of 1-3 is called guide and the result of 4-5 is called part.

1-5 are continued until all participants are satisfied.
What is created by 1-5 is called diagram.

A diagramm must be prepared to show the backgrounds by part.
Guide and Part which are developed on own terms become preparations of the meaning of the diagramm.

The possibility is expression of a diagrammatic meaning.

One make use of a diagrammatic meaning with a symbol.

The reduction to the diagram of the existing symbol and combination with development of a new diagram may be done.

When performing invention, writing, etc. from a diagram, creation is tackled refering to a guide or a part from the possibility.

If there are person who control by ego, the creation will fail, because of a group, therefor one must be free from oneself.

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